May 29, 2008

Passing arguments to exec

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In one of my nant tasks I was expecting arguments through args element node. So I have a task like the following




<property arg1=”c:\temp\dir\” />

<property arg2 = “c:\temp\dir2\” />

<target name=”Pgm” description=”Run pgm.exe”>
     <exec program=”pgm.exe”>
  <arg value='”${arg1}” “${arg2}”‘ />

But when I ran the program, it got only one argument instead of two. Obvious thing you do would be then is to display your command line arguments and this is what I got

c:\temp\dir\” c:\temp\dir2″

as you can see my first part fo the double quotes are gone. So after some trail and error (still didn’t hit the google though) I found out that, if I would change the argument to have two slashes instead of the problem is solved. So the modified arguments would look like the following…

<property arg1=”c:\\temp\\dir\\” />

<property arg2 = “c:\\temp\\dir2\\” />

 Thought of logging it for someone else looking…

May 28, 2008

Starting Web Services and IIS

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I thought I log some of the problems that I faced during the demo of my web services.


First I installed IIS and then I opened VS2008 and created a Hello World ASP Web service project. I ran a test in IDE and it worked fine. After that I deployed it on the IIS.


Now I opened IE to test the web service using the url and I got a wired error that “%” is invalid. After some research I found out that, under the default web site properties ASP.Net does not have version selected. I choose the latest version and that error went away.

Now the second try and I got the following error

“Failed to access IIS metabase”

This is due to the fact, you have installed IIS after installing the .Net Frame work 2.0 Be default .Net 2.0 has default resigtry and that need to be reset with the new IIS install. This can be done by running the simple command

Aspnet_regiis –i

After resolving these two issues I was able to cruise along without any problems.

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