From the name itself you might have guessed a lot about me, I love movies. I enjoy watching all kind of movies. I love comedy, action, sci-fi, foreign and thrillers. I am not particullarly font of Drama or Horror movies. Because of the network, I get lot of foreign movie recommendations from my friends around the world and try to keep up with the good movies from all over the world. I try to write about the movies I have seen or purposefully skipped. If you think of some movie I didn’t see and think worth seeing, please do let me know.
I am happily married with one son and we all enjoy movies 🙂 Can’t you tell?
If I am not watching movies or with my family, in my spare time, I will sitting in front of the laptop and either twitting or writing Ironruby. I love coding in C# and I am learning F# and Ironruby right now. Fortunatly I have couple of very very real smart friends that give very good oppurtunity to learn from them once in a while. You will see their blog link in the front page.
I read once in a while, most of the books I read are all computer releated and once in a very blue moon I pick up a fiction, sometimes halfway through I quit reading. If it is compelling, I might even read it all the way.

Live prosperously!